Rommie Barhoumeh, RRT, 
Detroit Medical Center, Harper University Hospital Detroit, MI 

Rommie was hired at HUH in 2009, as a Respiratory Care Intern (student), and later graduated from Henry Ford Community College and Sienna Heights University with a BBA in Applied Science and Healthcare Administration.

Rommie is a prior recipient of the HUH Gem “Going the Extra Mile” Award. One of his patients commented that, "There are still beautiful people in this world. He takes very good care of me. He always assures me that everything is going to be alright and it always is. He is very caring and he really takes out time and patience with me." 

A great communicator with the ability to teach and listen, he is very mild mannered and approachable and serves as a resource to our new as well as seasoned therapists. Finding an individual who is knowledgeable, motivated, dedicated, loyal, compassionate and fair is often times rare.  The HUH-HWH Pulmonary Services Department is honored to have Rommie Barhoumeh as a member of our team/family.

Joyce Boghosian, RRT
Ukiah Medical Center, Ukiah, CA

Joyce has demonstrated excellence in respiratory care by pursuing continuing education and delivering quality care using evidence-based practice.  She is the first person I want by my side when patients experience a respiratory crisis.  She also demonstrates professionalism by providing exceptional patient and family education.

Ann Bowman, RRT
Spectrum Health, Grand Rapids, MI

Ann has worked as a respiratory therapist for 30 years and has worked primarily in Adult Critical Care for the last 20 years. She is a valued mentor, educator and resource for her peers and other staff members. Most importantly, Ann is always a patient advocate. Recently Ann played a vital role in helping to liberate a lung transplant recipient from the vent. She spent countless hours encouraging and supporting this patient and the family through the process. It is because of her dedication, compassion and commitment to her patients that they are enjoying the gift of 'breathing easy'.

When Ann is not providing exemplary patient care, she enjoys cooking, walking and spending time with family and friends. Ann's response to earning The PHIL Award..."I am humbled, proud and inspired to do better!"  

Kate Cartmell, RRT
University Hospitals-Case Medical Center,
Cleveland, OH

She was very touched, surprised and emotional when Stephanie Spencer walked into the PHIL Award presentation. Stephanie Spencer wrote a very heartfelt letter about Kate after Stephanie lost her daughter, Kevan. Kate was a very important person who took care of Kevan during her hospital stay and she will forever be remembered by the Spencer Family. 

Kate's response to her award... "I am both honored and humbled...but knowing I made one person smile and breath easier makes it all worth it!"

Patient Nomination Letter:
Kate was extraordinary. She kept an important promise to Kevan that she would be the one to remove that awful tube. Afterwards, Kate sat with us and actually made Kevan laugh. It brought great joy to us that Kate was able to bring a huge ray of light to our very gloomy time. We all knew that removing that tube would shorten the time that we had with Kevan but seeing that smile on her face was a better memory.The things that Kate did and said were uplifiting. She most certainly went the extra mile. Kevan was discharged on August 1st and passed away peacefully at home on August 4th. Shortly after she passed, someone picked up one of the 'toys' Kate had given Kevan to take home and we all had a good laugh.

Rick Cook, CRT
Saint Joseph Hospital, Lexington, KY

Rick has been at Saint Joseph Hospital for 37 years. He is so very deserving of our first PHIL Award.

Excerpt from his nomination: “Rick consistently exhibits care and compassion to the highest level. He explains and educates the patient and family regarding the pulmonary function test he is doing in very much detail. This enables him to get the best results possible from the patient. Even when he has a difficult patient he never wavers from the core values of excellence, integrity, compassion and reverence.” 


Christy Alexander, RRT
St. Joseph Mercy Hospital, Ann Arbor, MI

Christy has been a respiratory therapist at St. Joseph Mercy Hospital since May 2012. She is a graduate of Ferris State University. Her nomination letter below says it all as far as what kind of care she provides and why she has earned the PHIL Award Honoree title! During the award celebration, Dave Getty, Director of Respiratory Care, read a letter from a patient that was so heartwarming! Our favorite line was, "We would look for the names on the board when arriving for our shift and we were always excited when it was Christy. She cried with us during the worst of times and also when there was a turn for the better." You know you are giving exemplary care when your patients get excited when they know you are working. That is really something special! This patient actually came back to the hospital to see Christy after she was discharged to thank her for helping her to live another year. Wow! When Christy is not providing exemplary care to her patients, she enjoys Michigan Football and Tigers Baseball. She also enjoys traveling and playing softball.

Nomination Letter from a patient's family:
Our mom arrived at St. Josephs Mercy Hospital Ann Arbor on 11/11/2013.  She was initially in the ER, then taken to a room on the 9th floor and then ultimately transferred to the 6th floor MICU where she is at today.  She was having trouble breathing and in distress when she arrived at the hospital and was eventually diagnosed with Legionnaires disease and subsequently ARDS. Christy Eby was the Respiratory Therapist that cared for our mom on many of her most difficult days.

Christy is very caring, compassionate and knowledgeable.  She always spoke to our mom providing explanations of the care that she was providing though our mom was sedated to the point that she could not respond.  She would take the time to not only explain to us what was going on but also answer any questions that we had.  She insisted on not only answering our questions but explained over and over to us that no question was silly or could be asked too many times.  Christy would see us in the hallway and either say “I am on my way down to see your mom” or “I was just in to see your mom, I will finish up and be right down to answer any questions”.  No matter how many times a question was asked or that the same question was asked by numerous people, Christy always responded with patience and with an empathetic tone.  She also worked with the nurses in the same manner… All this was done without an ounce of complaint nor a frustrated tone in her voice.  We would look for the names on the board when arriving for our shift and we were always excited when it was Christy.  She cried with us during the worst of times and also when there was a turn for the better.

Our mom has had the best care possible by all of the nurses, doctors and respiratory therapists, but Christy absolutely stood out as an exemplary care giver.   Words will never be enough to express our gratitude and appreciation to the staff at St. Josephs for what they have done for our mom and for us!

Bob Farris, RRT
University of Michigan Health, Ann Arbor, MI

Bob graduated in May 2007 and became board registered as a Respiratory Therapist soon after graduation.  He started his career with the University of Michigan Health System in June of that same year. Currently, Robert is working as a staff therapist on the 7p-7a shift servicing adult intensive care patients. He is well-received by patients and his peers alike. His patient specific comments about his care speak for themselves. They include notes such as…

" You took the time and effort to hook up my equipment, which made things much better for me in terms of my comfort. Thank you for being so considerate in helping me.”

“Bob is so great, he treated me awesome. Thanks, Bob. You are wonderful.”

“For your positive uplifting attitude and generous help…Your always willing to lend a helping hand and I appreciate all you do!” 

Joe Gilbert, RRT, RCP
CMC Mercy, Charlotte, NC

Joe comes to Mercy with a wealth of knowledge and experience that has made him a great resource for our team and facility. Joe has been at Mercy for three years now. While at CMC Mercy, Joe has obtained his BLS instructors license and is resource for the entire facility as well as the Central Division teams which consist of three facilities CMC (900 beds), CMC Mercy (180 beds) and Levine’s Children’s Hospital (234 beds).

Excerpt from his nomination: "Joe has a great attitude, is excellent with his patients, prompt in responding to calls, always willing to assist the nursing staff with anything from questions to assessments and making recommendations. Joe is always willing to assist with a smile on his face." Deanna Gravely, Supervisor of the Respiratory Care Department, expresses, "It has been a pleasure working with Joe and presenting him with this well-deserved PHIL Award."

Rosemary Gray, RRT, 
Detroit Medical Center, Sinai-Grace Hospital      Detroit, MI 

Rosemary has been providing respiratory care for our patients for 30 years. She started at Sinai Hospital where she became one of the Respiratory Unit Coordinators on the Pulmonary Unit. When Sinai Hospital joined the Detroit Medical Center in 1997, Rosemary became part of the DMC, and relocated to our present campus.

Some of the comments from Rosemary’s nominators include, “I have worked with Rosemary for many years. Rosemary's care, knowledge, professional excellence and compassion for her job is far superior to any other therapists I have worked with. I have witnessed her interacting with peers, nurses, patients, and students as well and have noted her knowledge and skills in her job.”  

“She has a calming effect with her patients that decreases their fears and anxiety. When she is assigned to whatever unit I am working on, I do not fear the day and I am assured that my patients are cared for with the highest of standards.”

Timothy Guy, RRT 
UH Rainbow Babies & Children's Hospital     Cleveland, OH

This nomination is written on behalf of the parents of a pediatric patient known to many at Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital. During the care that began shortly after birth, this baby endured many surgeries, interventions and complex care that resulted in long term mechanical ventilation. As he grew, his smiling face, chubby cheeks and extraordinary personality made him a favorite of all. He endured so much over the first two years of his life.

As his illness took hold of his being and he could no longer fight the fight. During this final visit to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, a large caring team of physicians, nurses, and respiratory therapists were at his side to care for him. But one respiratory therapist was there to not only comfort him but also the provided care to the family during his final moments of struggle. With a gentle humble spirit he was there to help ease the family at a time of distress. His kind words were soothing and helped make the transition a peaceful one that these parents will never forget. Our respiratory therapist was there to not only assist the patient in his final breaths of life, but more importantly, was a source of tranquility that brought light to this family’s darkest hours.

Tim  Guy provided an incredibly selfless approach to patient care in this case. He is among the finest when it comes to placing the needs of the patient above his own. It is clearly evident that Tim tries to make the hospital experience better for patients in his care. Thus, it is without a doubt fitting that Tim be recognized by this great award and join the list of highly esteemed past PHIL Award honorees.

Pam Hardy, RRT 
Detroit Medical Center
Huron Valley-Sinai Hospital, Commerce Twp., MI 

Pam started as a respiratory care technician at St. Joseph Mercy, Pontiac, Michigan and joined Huron Valley Hospital in 2012. 

A prior student at Huron Valley, she later graduated Magna Cum Laude earning a Bachelor of Business Administration from Detroit College of Business and an Associates of Applied Science from Oakland Community College.

Her impressive work qualities, and numerous accolades from patients, make us proud to have her as part of our Huron Valley Respiratory Care team.  

Some of the nominating comments submitted by co-workers were, “Pam is an exceptional Respiratory Therapist. I am always impressed by her positive attitude and professionalism. She always has a smile on her face and is willing to go above and beyond for the patients. I wish all healthcare workers carried themselves like she does”. “Pam is an excellent respiratory therapist. Always tending to her patients’ needs, whether it is routine care or an emergency, she goes the extra mile. She always has a good attitude and a smile on her face. She is very prompt when she is needed for an extra treatment or a rapid response event. She always gives outstanding care to her patients”.

Michael Huffman, LCRT 
Detroit Medical Center
Rehabilitation Institute of MI, Detroit, MI

Michael Huffman has worked at the DMC for 25 years via the original Sinai Hospital in January 1989  and what is now, Sinai Grace. A skilled respiratory therapist, he is also involved in giving back to the community by participating in asthma camps and raising money for children suffering from cystic fibrosis. 

At Sinai-Grace Hospital he worked as a respiratory team leader in the ICUs before transferring to the Rehab Institute of Michigan in October 2011. His compassion and conviction for patient care is as he states, “It's not a job,  it's a labor of love. “

Some of the nomination comments stated:

 “Michael is a very dedicated, reliable and knowledgeable therapist.”
“ Michael shows excellence in his patient care and assistance of RIM employees and staff.”
“Michael receives numerous compliments from patients, family and hospital staff because of the excellent care that he provides. He is very responsive in both emergency and non-emergency calls.“   

Melissa Kupiec, RRT 
Detroit Medical Center
Detroit Receiving Hospital, Detroit, MI

Working in a major trauma center requires fortitude, an exemplary measure of critical thinking and well- groomed clinical skills. While all patients are deserving of and have a right to receive quality care the PHIL Award looks for the extraordinary - that respiratory therapist who is relentless in educating the patient and patient’s family, provides that extra-level of care beyond what they are being paid to do, a team player with a winning attitude and great people and professional skills. These attributes define Melissa.

Dedication, compassion and commitment are among some of the other qualities mentioned about Melissa. She has only been with our department/family since 2013, but has demonstrated a commitment to excellence that can be seen by her compassion for others, ability to communicate effectively and dedication to providing quality patient care.  

Some of the comments from her nominators were, “Melissa’s responsiveness and willingness to assist patients and co-workers make her an excellent choice”. “Melissa is not shy when it comes to teamwork. She displays great knowledge in educating the patients.”  

Deneil Loftus, RRT 
Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital
West Bloomfield, MI

Those nominating Deneil said:

"She is always very helpful and knowledgeable about her patients."  
"She is very caring and compassionate. "  
"She always comes to work with a cheerful positive. Deneil is always a bubbly, helpful and a proactive coworker."  
"Her work ethic is unfailing as is her attitude."  
"I always feel that every effort has been given in regards to a 
respiratory issue when she is a part of the team."  
"She treats every patient with respect and patience."

Linda Manier, RRT
McLaren Northern Michigan Hospital, Petoskey, MI

Linda has been a respiratory therapist for 37 years and says she feels very honored to have received this award. Linda says she enjoys being an RT now more than ever! Perhaps that is why she is being honored as being the 'best of the best'!! If you love what you do, exemplary patient care comes naturally.

James Cook, Linda's patient who nominated her said, "I was having a hard time breathing to the point where they almost had to vent me. But Linda 
continued helping me with therapy so I didn't need to be vented. Linda is truly an angel on earth. Thank you Linda."

Your hospital family and The FACES Foundation congratulate you on a job well done - every day!

Lisa Ransome, RRT 
Detroit Medical Center
Children's Hospital of MI, Detroit, MI

Certified as a neonatal and pediatric transporter, Lisa has been a respiratory therapist for 35 years. She started in neonatal transport in 1979 at Mt. Carmel Hospital.

In 1984, she worked as a trainer for neonatal transport for the Careflight Ambulance and Helicopter Service at the Dallas Methodist Medical Center, Dallas, Texas. Upon returning to Michigan in 1986, she worked with the CHM Intensive Care Transport Team.  

She is also a nationally certified lead instructor through S.T.A.B.L.E., a neonatal education program focusing exclusively on the post-resuscitation/pre-transport stabilization care of sick infants. 

In this statement from Lisa, she explains her outlook and love for respiratory care, “Over the last 28 years my role as a respiratory therapist has been caring for premature babies -  18 year olds. I love my job.”

Greg Rowles, RRT
University of Michigan's C.S. Mott's Children's Hospital
 Ann Arbor, MI

Congratulations to Mott's first PHIL Award Honoree. Greg was chosen out of five nominees. He was very surprised and humbled when he was announced. Greg originally arrived at Mott as a new graduate in 2011. He was then sidelined by a serious health crisis which gives him a unique approach to delivering the best patient care experience possible. His unique perspective as a patient, has given him a compassion for his patients that comes from personal adversity and personal patient experience. His quiet confidence and calming personality have made him a favorite amount patients and their families.

When Greg is not providing exemplary patient care, he enjoys fishing, camping and having fun with his family.