become a phil award hospital partner

The PHIL Award is the only nationally recognized hospital-based recognition program dedicated to honoring outstanding respiratory therapists, as nominated by patients, family members and other caregivers.

A solid recognition program helps hospitals and other healthcare facilities recognize, retain and recruit exemplary respiratory therapists. By participating in The PHIL Award program, hospitals show their respiratory therapists that they are an essential part of the medical team.  Respiratory therapists who feel valued will be more engaged and motivated to provide exemplary care to each and every patient. In today’s changing healthcare environment, with budget cuts and stringent readmission guidelines, engaged respiratory therapists are one of a hospital's best assets - leading to improved patient outcomes and satisfaction. In addition, engaged respiratory therapists are more loyal to their employers and will spread the word about their employers to other ‘outstanding’ respiratory students and therapists from other hospitals. 

To learn more about the benefits of being a PHIL Award hospital partner, please visit our Faces of FACES page to read comments and testimonials from PHIL Award Program Coordinators and award recipients.


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